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very pleased with the amount of coverage one of my clients will be getting very soon.

Some VERY good news today… watch this space!

sort of amazed that ad customers would advertise on when they are the same companies boycotting mags for content. #curious

building your rolodex is ESSENTIAL to business success. (unfortunately, i now have over 1k addresses in my iphone.)

SMB owners should strive to have a zero-drama policy. Demand that employees engage to complete work without the bitching and whining.

when sending out written communications, remember that haste can be mistaken for hostility. consider context.

product descriptions are perhaps some of the hardest writing you’ll ever do, but if you don’t get it JUST RIGHT, you could lose a ton of $$

What Does Sharp Pants Do?

Sharp Pants helps companies with no online presence get online, and help companies who are online get noticed. Sharp Pants helps companies by:

  • Helping define offline-to-online transition strategies
  • Helping with design and layout of websites
  • Defining and developing online branding
  • Defining the online presence of brands
  • Helping publicise brands in online and offline media
  • Publicising brands in the social media space
  • Helping companies reach out to their communities using social tools

Have a question about what Sharp Pants can do for you? Confused about social media? Have a company you would like online? Contact Karen at

Who Is Sharp Pants?

Photo Courtesy of Rannie Turingan @photojunkie

Sharp Pants is Karen Geier, Social Media Marketing Consultant and Digital Publicist. Karen has been helping get companies noticed online since 2001.

You can get Sharp Pants updates on twitter by following @sharppants.

Who’s that cutie?
He’s Sharp Pants’ unofficial mascot, Casanova Frankenstein.

Who’s that cutie?

He’s Sharp Pants’ unofficial mascot, Casanova Frankenstein.

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